Public nuisance petition services

Implementation method If you encounter environmental pollution in life, you can report it to the environmental protection service center through this system, and environmental protection authorities will quickly and effectively handle the report. Feel free to check results at any time. The environmental protection authorities will handle your petition according to the " Operating Procedures for Environmental Protection Authorities to Handle Public Nuisance Petition. " Please provide your real name and contact method for inspectors to communicate contents of the petition and reply handling results. Environmental protection units will strictly maintain the confidentiality of your information.
Items accepted by the system If you discover the following common public nuisances in your surrounding environment, call the toll-free hotline (0800-066-666) or file a petition on the public nuisance petition system or EPA's Public Nuisance Reporting app:
  • Odor pollutant
  • Air pollution without odor
  • Noise
  • Water pollution
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Business waste
  • Soil pollution
  • Other
Reporting other items

>If you want report a vehicle for emitting dark smoke, please refer to the reporting system for vehicles generating excessive amounts of visible exhaust emissions

>If you want report a vehicle for noise, please refer to the noisy vehicle reporting system

>If you want to report a case for which there is a reward, such as:

  • Not picking up after a dog (or other pet)
  • Putting up advertisements (spray painting) without permission
  • Discarding cigarette butts

Please refer to the incentives regulations established by environmental protection authorities to protect your rights and interests.
Petition Responsible unit Contact number

Nearby indoor noise, animal sounds, car alarm, and shouts of night market vendors that are not continuous or hard to measure

Piling objects or setting up a stall in an arcade, on a sidewalk, next to a road, or in an alley that affects passage or appearance

Towing abandoned vehicle with license plate

Police unit

National Police Agency, Ministry of the Interior
Citizen services center tel: (02)2321-9011 extn. 2001, 2002

Reporting illegal building / Waste from demolition

Construction management unit / Self-cleaning

National Land Managemnet Agency, MOI
Switchboard: (02)8771-2345

Demolition of illegal factory

Fallen tree


Construction unit / Public works unit

Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.
Tel: (02)2321-2200

Parks and Street Lights Office, Public Works Department, Taipei City Government
Tel: (02)2381-5132

Ministry of Agriculture, R.O.C.
Tel: (02)2381-2991

Large signboards

Construction management unit

National Land Managemnet Agency, MOI
Switchboard: (02)8771-2345

Clogged sanitary sewer

Public works unit

Sewer Engineering Office, National Land Managemnet Agency, MOI
Switchboard: (02)8771-2345

Planting agricultural crop on river bed causing river channel migration

Clogged irrigation canals

Water resources unit

Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs
Taichung Office: (04)2250-1250, (04)2250-1499
Taipei Office: (02)37073000, 0800-212-239

Noise in the work environment damages the hearing of workers

Gas leakage due to corrosion of factory pipelines

Labor inspection unit

Ministry of Labor, R.O.C.
Tel: (02)8995-6866

Deforestation damages water and soil conservation

Agricultural unit

Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture
Tel: (02)2351-5441

Illegal slopeland cultivation damages water and soil conservation

Water and soil conservation unit

Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, Ministry of Agriculture
Tel: (02)2351-5441

Radiation (steel rebar) pollution

Nuclear Safety Commission

Nuclear Safety Commission

Guidance for factory equipment that causes pollution

Industrial Development Administration, MOEA

Industrial Development Administration, MOEA
Tel: 0800-000-256

Petitioners can use the reporting hotline of central and local environmental protection authorities, send a written report or e-mail, or file a report online, with the assistance of others, in person, or via news report. After determining that a report is a public nuisance case, inspectors will be assigned to handle the case and reply results to the petitioner after case closure.

Flowchart for accepting and handling public nuisance petitions